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kAFS Hackathon & BoF

Date: Wednesday, March 22
Venue: Hyatt Cambridge
Registration: The Hackathon and BoF session are Free, but please RSVP HERE.

8:00am - 6:00pm
Room: Crispus Attucks

The kAFS Hackathon is to provide an opportunity for AFS and Linux kernel developers to meet and collaborate on the development and production readiness of:

  • AF_RXRPC, the implementation of the Rx RPC protocol available to kernel modules and userland processes via the socket interface. The Rx RPC protocol is used by AFS and AuriStorFS. Rx would also be an excellent rpc for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
  • kAFS, the Linux filesystem client implementation for AFS and AuriStorFS.
  • kafs-utils. A suite of AFS management tools written in Python that make use of the AF_RXRPC userland socket interface.

The current state of kAFS, AF_RXRPC, and kafs-utils and be found HERE.   

BoF Session
7:00 - 8:30pm
Room: Crispus Attucks

The Global AFS Namespaces for Containers: A Secure Distributed Filesystem Approach to Securely Provide Persistence to Linux Containers
The AFS secure distributed file system provides a global namespace with access transparent paths to unstructured data and applications using the same file/directory paths without local administration or tooling. For containers to take advantage of this, the AFS namespace must be available as a Kernel Level file system in standard Linux distributions. This allows containers to have access, under the same global namespace, as any desktop/server/device within an organization. With key/credential injection by container orchestration tools and container process isolation, container images can be heterogeneously and securely deployed in your data center or any private/public cloud and have transparent access to persistent organizational storage. The AFS namespace can also be used as a secure repository for container binaries.
In addition to discussing issues relating to using the Global AFS namespace for containers, we will discuss the current state and future of kAFS and the RX Linux Kernel implementations and how having kernel support for AFS and the AuriStor extensions to AFS positively affects security, support, distribution and performance.

The kAFS Hackathon and BoF are sponsored by AuriStor.


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