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Cloud Elements is an API integration platform. We connect your product to the ecosystem of applications that your customers and partners rely on everyday. We turn integration into your greatest advantage.

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Capital One started with a simple principle – attract great talent and give them the opportunity to be great. Founded in 1988, we harnessed the power of big data to create customized products that disrupted the credit card industry. Over the years, our associates have used our information-based strategy to build a great company, bringing breakthrough banking products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients. In 2015, we launched Capital One DevExchange, a developer platform with a specific focus on Open Source, APIs, and developer-focused content. Today, with more than 65-million customers and 40,000 associates worldwide, our Cloud-enabled infrastructure, Open Source culture, and leading edge data and analytics platforms are fueling Capital One's position as a digital leader.

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‘D’ of Things is a blog devoted to all things data and its value: big and small. From analytics to the internet of things, the blog provides comments, opinion and content all around the data management industry, occasionally rants on other related topics.